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We offer the finest quality recreations of important American Civil War medals and related items for descendants of Veterans of the Civil War, collectors, re-enactors, and Civil War enthusiasts world wide. In addition, we welcome your comments and suggestions to improve and expand our line.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase return it to us within 14-days, in its original condition, and the purchase price (less all applicable shipping and handling charges) will be cheerfully refunded.


More importantly, we offer a lifetime limited warranty. If, for any reason outside of normal wear and tear, any medal, pin, badge, buckle, or brooch WE STOCK should ever fail, we will replace it for the cost of shipping and handling and, on that, you have our word.

Payment by Check, Money Order, or using your PayPal Account:

We accept payment directly through your PayPal account, by Check, or Money Order. If you are sending a Check/Money Order, you will find payment information and our address listed under Information: Terms & Conditions in the dialog box at the lower left of this screen. To pay via PayPal, upon checkout select PayPal or CREDIT CARD and you will be directed to the PayPal access screen.

If you perfer to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or from your Bank Account without using PayPal:

Upon checkout, select PayPal or Credit Card. Once connected, under CHOOSE A WAY TO PAY select "PAY WITH A BANK ACCOUNT, DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD" and follow the prompts. It's simple, you don't need a PayPal account and, more importantly, it is TOTALLY SECURE!!!

Custom Orders:

We are expert at creating custom medals, brooches, pins, coins, embroidered item, etc., and there's never a charge until you make a purchase. For more information on our custom services, contact us at cwmedals@yahoo.com

Historic Preservation:

We support efforts to preserve the history of our common heritage for future generations. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds of purchases made by members of the Civil War Trust for Battlefield Preservation, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), and Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) will be donated to those organizations to assist them in this important work. If you are a member of these organizations, please include this information when registering.

Lastly, while some of the items we offer are banned by various outlets/merchants in an effort to placate those who seek to scrub all symbols of the Confederacy from our shared heritage, we count ourselves among those who stand on the side of historical accuracy and refuse to be swept away by a wave of political correctness and intolerance!  For those who shop with us, we appreciate your support.