Confederate National Defense Service Medal w/Lapel Pin & Chest Ribbon

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Not since Abraham Lincoln issued Proclamation 107 on October 17th 1863 which, in addition to conscripts, called for 300,000 volunteers to serve for 3-years or the duration of the war, have the Confederate States of America and its legacy been under such a full-scale assault as it is today. In recognition, the Confederate States of America National Defense Medal is being made available, for the first time, to recognize those who willingly stand and guard the ideals and history of the Confederacy. But more importantly, to keep alive the memory of those who served, and to do so without bigotry, prejudice, or hate! The medal itself is 1 3/8” (35mm) in diameter with an overall length of 3 1/8” (80mm) The Chest Ribbon is 1 3/8” (35mm) x 1/2” (13mm) The Lapel Pin is 5/8” (17mm) x 1/8” (4mm) The obverse of this beautiful creation features the Confederate States of America National Seal surrounded by the words Confederate States of America National Defense; while the reverse utilizes the wreath from the CSA National Seal surrounding the Confederate Battle Flag and around its circumference are the words Guarding Our Heritage Without Bigotry, Prejudice, or Hate. The Red/Orange/White/Yellow/Blue color scheme of the medal drape, chest ribbon and the lapel pin are derived from the official colors of each state that formed the Confederate States of America. Applied to the drape and the chest ribbon is metal ribbon device with 1861- to indicate that the struggle continues unabated.