Loyal Legion of the Confederacy

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The Order of the Loyal Legion of the Confederacy recognizes those whose contributions have made the New South the financial, industrial, technological, and political power in the country today. The motto which appears below Robert E. Lee is Illi Paratus Ut Suscipio Vernum. (For those prepared to receive the truth). When asked by General Early to write his memoirs General Lee replied, “At present, the public mind is not prepared to receive the truth.” It is now! The Order of the Loyal Legion of the Confederacy shows General Robert E. Lee mounted on Traveler surrounded by the words Loyal Legion Confederacy. In addition to the medal, a matching chest ribbon and a detachable neck ribbon for formal wear are also included! The medal itself measures appx 1.5” (40mm) or the size of a US Silver Dollar. The entire medal, with drop, measures 3 3/4” (95mm) x 1.5” (38mm).