Loyal Legion of the Confederacy - Deluxe Boxed Set

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You are purchasing the LLCSA Medal w/Drape, the Neck Ribbon, and 3 Chest Ribbons (3rd National Flag - CSA Battle Flag - Bonnie Blue Flag)! Also included in a set of CSA Great Seal Ciff Links and lapel pin and the Loyal Ladies of the Legion Brooch. In addition, you will receive a beautiful 4 x 4 x 1.5" Simulated Rosewood Presentation Case which is not available with the LLCSA Medal when sold separately, along with a replica $20 Double Eagle dated 1860, the last year of the old union!!! Elements of the Order of the Loyal Legion of the Confederacy Drape: “The Blood Stained Banner,” last official flag of the Confederate States of America Color Red: Symbolizing the bloodshed in the defense of freedom by Southerners throughout our Nation’s history. Color White: Symbolizing the love of God, country, and family, the purity of the Southern spirit, and the presence of people of all colors living and working together in the New South. Color Blue: he primary color of the “Bonnie Blue Flag,” first banner of the Confederacy and the symbol of the determination of the people to rule themselves. Wreath: As it appears on the Great Seal of the Confederacy. It is composed of the principal agricultural products of the Confederacy, including corn, cotton, tobacco, and wheat and is symbolic of the area’s agricultural past and present. Cross: Symbolizing the military history of the States comprising the Confederacy. The eight points of the Maltese Cross represent the elements of courage which include: Loyalty, Piety, Frankness, Bravery, Glory & Honor, Contempt of Death, Helpfulness toward the poor and sick, Respect for the church. Sun Burst: Representing the New South which continues to emerge as the financial, industrial, technological, and political power in the country. Statue: Mounted on his favorite horse, Traveler, is the one man who remains the Social and Military beau idéal of the Confederacy, General Robert Edward Lee. Here he is depicted as on his statue, executed by Antonin Mercié, and unveiled in Richmond in 1890 before his family and thousands of those veterans whom he loved and who served under his command. Motto: Illi Paratus Ut Suscipio Vernum (For those prepared to receive the truth). When asked by General Early to write his memoirs General Lee replied, “At present, the public mind is not prepared to receive the truth.” It is now!