Small - Gauntlets - Tan - Civil War & Medieval

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Civil War/Medieval Full Grain Leather Gauntlets w/Gusseted Cuffs Softest Full Grain Gauntlets Available! Comparable to the Finest Work Gloves Anywhere!! And devoid of WILD WEST Decorative Stitching!!! Comparison of Our Gauntlets vs Sutler Store Offerings I've Seen: Tucked and rolled stitches vs Stitched together edges Double reinforced thumb stitching vs single stitched thumb Full Protective Cuff length of 6” vs 5” Cuff opens to 23.5” vs 18.9” so your frock cuff stays inside Cuff lining: Felt vs Plastic/Nylon Plain Cuff vs Wild West Decorative cuff stitching used to keep plastic lining in place You will not look like you are wearing a drummer boy's gauntlets or Buffalo Bill's gloves.