Army of the Potomac Medal

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Organized on July 5-6, 1869, “The object of this Society shall be to cherish the memories and associations of the Army of the Potomac.” Crossed swords and crossed cannons represent the Cavalry and Artillery. Clockwise around the star, and beginning at the 12 o’clock position, we find the symbols of the 2nd Corps (tri-foil), 1st Corps (circle), 9th Corps (shield w/crossed cannon and foul anchor), 5th Corps (Maltese cross), 6th Corps (cross), and the 3rd Corps (diamond). Atop the star is a shield containing the initials AP for Army of the Potomac and the symbols of the 11th Corps (crescent) and the 12th Corps (star). The overall length of the beautiful, high quality medal is appx. 3½” (90mm), the star itself is appx. 1¾” (45mm) across.